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Karlyn Industries Inc. STI Spark Transfer International

Karlyn's Profile

Karlyn Industries is a family owned business that was started by Mr. Hans Bierdumpfel in 1971.  Hans was born and trained in Germany as an Engineer and emigrated to the U.S. in 1949.  He held leading Engineering positions with such esteemed companies as Sonotone Corporation, formerly of Elmsford/Cold Springs, N.Y. and Wells Manufacturing, of Northvale N.J. before founding Karlyn Industries 33 years ago.  The company started producing the first U.S. made VW Beetle Ball Joints and Tie Rod Ends, in Mount Vernon, N.Y.  As a domestic manufacturer of Volkswagen suspension items,  Karlyn created a customer base here in the United States that has been loyal for over thirty years.  Today, Karlyn Industries has branched out into suspension items for Audi, BMW, Mercedes Benz, Volvo, Saab and Honda, plus a High Performance line of Spark Plug Ignition Cable Sets for Asian, European & Domestic applications.

Karlyn Industries is recognized as a leading manufacturer of Ignition Cable Sets for the automotive aftermarket and as an Original Equipment Supplier.  The company manufactures and packages wire sets under different labels, including their own brand-name, "S.T.I." (Spark Transfer International).  Karlyn's Engineering/Research Department is headed by Mr. Karl Bierdumpfel, a graduate engineer from Stevens Institute of Technology, in Hoboken, N.J.  Karl listened to the market which begged for a high-quality ignition cable set line that was also cost effective.  While other wire set assemblers were becoming totally automated at the expense of high quality detail, Karlyn Industries increased the hand work portion of its operation to allow for the intricacies that are desired on certain ignition cable sets.  This resulted in a  mass appeal of Karlyn/STI ignition wire sets which is why they are the fastest growing wire set line today.  In 2004, Mr. Karl Bierdumpfel assumed the role as President of Karlyn Industries Inc.

O.E. Type Connectors
Silicone over Silicone High Performance Cable
Tailored fit lengths
Precision Assembly
100% Testing
Fast Delivery
and Dedicated service to our customers,
has been Karlyn/STI's Ignition wire set line trademark

Karlyn is able to provide superior quality products that are competitively priced because of its close affiliation with several German companies.

One company in particular is BREMI, of Germany
Karlyn Industries and BREMI have established a successful working relationship that spans over 25 years, and they are very proud to be the only authorized representative of BREMI parts in the U.S.A.   BREMI is an original equipment manufacturer on Ignition products for leading car manufacturers like AUDI, BMW, VOLKSWAGEN and a supplier to the automotive aftermarket.  Karlyn carries a complete line of BREMI Distributor Caps, Rotors and Ignition Parts for U.S. distribution from its warehouse in Tuxedo NY.

The future of Karlyn Industries looks bright.  With the addition of our new research & development  building in Southfields N.Y. we are poised for continued growth with guaranteed quality products and dedicated customer service.

Tuxedo N.Y.
In 1982 Karlyn Industries moved its operation from Mount Vernon, N.Y. to the town of Tuxedo, in Orange County N.Y. 

The Tuxedo building is now a warehouse facility for BREMI products and raw materials.

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Southfields N.Y.

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Only 3 miles north of Tuxedo N.Y. they built their second facility in Southfields N.Y., completed in September 1998. This is the current site of their corporate offices and  manufacturing.

New Addition to Southfields N.Y.

In 2002, Karlyn Industries completed a 20,000 sq. foot addition to their Southfields building that will enable them to increase their manufacturing capability.  This new facility will also house additional offices for research, development and testing.

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